2013 Barbara Benson Scholarship Winners

TACFA Announces 2013 Annual Scholarship Winners

Alexis Jauregui – Beckman High School – Visual Arts

Alexis Jauregui has committed to Cal State Fullerton for the coming year and is proud of the fact that she will be the first of her generation to go to college.  She will major in the field of animation, focusing on character design and digital drawing.  Alexis has already seen her talents come to life in a key chain design for the company, Kamibashi Asian Art.  Her real passion, however, is her dream to make a complete story or an animated series for a company like Disney or Pixar.  Alexis describes it best when she says, “I want to breathe life into drawing and characters – to create something that will make people smile or cry or laugh.”  Her art instructor, Gigi Manning, is impressed with the way Alexis is broadening her drawing skills in coordination with her computer skills as she develops new ideas.  Her art piece, “There is a Woman in My Soup” demonstrates her sense of humor and earned honors at the TACFA Art Invitational.   Alexis insists that her Grandfather and Father are the daily inspiration that encourages her to look at the world as her reference book.  Alexis maintains a 4.25 GPA, so you can be assured that we will see her name on the big screen someday in the future.

Gabriella Skinner – Beckman High School – Visual Arts

Gabriella Skinner is a talented graphic designer who has already produced brochures and posters for the America Salutes Barbershop Concert and the Holiday Extravaganza at Beckman High School.  She has displayed her professional work for four years at the TACFA Art Invitational and at the Imagination Celebration.   Her teacher, Gigi Manning, describes her as “a great graphic designer who has that balance between academics and art – her work is highly intellectual and full of deeper meanings.  Her projects demonstrate her strong sense of communication combined with complex design skills.”   Gabby is inspired by Shepard Fairey and his OBEY clothing.   He exemplifies society’s tendency to fall into trends and simply “obey,” putting the joke on those who wear his merchandise without knowing the meaning.  After receiving her degree in Graphic Design at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Gabby pictures herself as a respected graphic designer who will be hired to do branding and business identities – creating logos, letterheads, and business cards.   Congratulations on your academic and artistic work, Gabriella!

Tyler Levesque – Tustin High School – Instrumental Music

Tyler Levesque is a well-rounded student who started playing in the school orchestra in Fourth Grade.  He says that “music has been involved with every aspect of my life.”   He is self-taught on the piano, drums, and guitar, while developing percussion skills for eight years in Tustin Schools.  He has been producing music for the last four years, and after college can see himself employed as a professional music producer and audio engineer.   Roland Jones, the ROP Music Technology Teacher, says that Tyler “grasps how music is arranged.  He has the programming and performance skills to move ideas from his head onto a recording, and he has developed an excellent understanding of the technical side of recording.”   Tyler is continually inspired by his best friends who love music as much as he does and by Mr. Jones who has been there every step of the way teaching the technical aspects of music.  At Fullerton College, he will major in Music Engineering and Business Economics.  Later he plans on transferring to California State University at Fullerton.    Tyler will be successful at creating his music into an art of his own!

Laura Im – Beckman High School – Visual Arts

Laura Im is on her way to CalArts in Valencia, CA, to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  She is pursuing a career in art to fulfill her passion and to share her views.  Laura has discovered that art has the beautiful power to convey an emotion and an idea in a way that words are unable to do.  Karen Akashi, her Visual Arts teacher, says that “Laura’s innate intelligence combined with her  imaginative point of view allow her to see life and to produce works of art that are truly original, personal, and universal in appeal.  Her work is effortless, fluid, and natural.”  Laura’s creative and unique artwork “Hands of Destiny” won her honors in the TACFA Art Invitational last month.   Her talent is evidenced by her 4.23 GPA in a very strong academic program.  Additionally, her determination and hard work earned her a spot with the Beckman High Chamber Orchestra in their trip to Carnegie Hall in 2010.  Laura always has her eyes open – because she is inspired by everyone.   She loves the differences in how others think and feel.   Laura, you will be an amazing success as a Freelance Artist!

Angela Lowe – Tustin High School – Visual Arts

Angela Lowe is described by her Art Teacher, Mary Jo Rado, as “an amazing student who makes excellent choices – academically, socially, and artistically.  Angela is also a compassionate person who cares deeply for family and friends and is clearly concerned about the welfare of others.”  Her talent lies in the ability to understand color and composition and to relate her passions through exquisitely rendered images.  Being awarded Third Place in the recent TACFA Art Invitational is just one of her many art awards, honors, and accomplishments.  While she is busy at Tustin High earning a 4.82 GPA, she is simultaneously mastering two college level ROP art courses:  Computer Graphics and Visual Imagery.      Angela will be enrolling in Westmont College where she will concentrate on painting and drawing, improving her skill at connecting people with the stories her work tells.   After graduation, she can visualize herself utilizing art in her community and her church.   She is inspired by God whose work is evident in the world’s natural beauty. Congratulations, Angela, on your many achievements!

Danielle Alailima – Beckman High School – Visual Arts

Danielle Alailima was inspired by her ambitious and compassionate Grandmother who introduced her to the world of art.  She has outstanding visual arts skills and plans to use them as a Documentary Photographer.  Her photo titled “San Francisco” won a First Place ribbon in this year’s TACFA Art Invitational.  According to Jackie Peters, her instructor for her AP Photography Portfolio Course, “Danielle has performed at a high level this year using her creativity, hard work, and strong focus.  She is an excellent student in her art classes, but maintains that excellence in her academic classes.   Her work ethic and kindness to others are characteristics that both her teachers and classmates admire and respect.”  This Scholarship will assist Danielle with her plans to attend Santiago Canyon College for one year and then transfer to the University of Oregon.  In ten years, you will find her with a Bachelors Degree in Documentary Photography, and she may be working for: Time MagazineNational Geographic, or Rolling Stone.    We are proud to honor such a driven and inspired young lady!