Broadway in the Park Seating Information

We strive to ensure everyone has a great view of the stage. Because of the multitude of chair styles there will be times when a chair does not neatly fit the criteria below. When that occurs the usher will need to make a judgement call. Please remember they are doing this so everyone can enjoy the show. In addition, the usher is a volunteer donating their time and energy in support of the arts. Please respond in a courteous manner to their requests to relocate.

All seating, other than reserved tables, is on a first come, first served basis. To ensure everyone gets a great view of the stage the section where you can sit is based on what you bring to sit on. We have a very limited number of tall chairs that can be rented. Please refer to the charts below so you will know in advance where you can sit. If you have any questions please ask one of the ushers to measure your chair prior to entering the park. It is advisable that everyone in your group have the same type of chairs so you can all sit together.

Low Seat Chairs – The seat of the chair is less that 12″ off the ground and the back is below 36 inches.

Tall Chairs – Any chair with a seat 12″ or higher off the ground or a seat back above 36 inches.